Then and Now (Film Installation)

Enlisted by College of Staten Island media lab technician, Lori Hiris, Richmond City Media participated in Art by the Ferry, organized by SI Arts. The installation was located on the second floor 139 Bay Street. The cold warehouse with ceiling air was perfect for the summer weekend. But as the room lined with windows including a skylight on a 20ft ceiling, adapting the space into a full-fledged screening room was quite the task.

Transforming the space required blacking out windows, hanging a giant screen, suspended the projector, and running electricity. And of course a good sweeping of the floor.

The video loop showcased student work from the 60s and 70s representing Richmond College as well as recent exports from CSI. The installation included works from our own team members, Melissa Pellicano, Artem Golub, Mitchell Lovell, and Sean Ryan.

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