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Synopsis: The Letter J, a film by Flavia DiBartolo, is the story of Scarlett, a 20-something struggling to find love in the mess that is life as a millenial.


Having written a poem for her first crush in 4th grade and being outed in front of the whole class, she’s still feeling humiliated now as an adult. She struggles with “fuckbois” and wrong guys coming in and out of her life, taking advantage of the hopeless romantic's pursuit of happiness.

Director’s Statement:  The film from day one has always expressed that is a slice of life, a small window into the love life of a 20-something in this day and age of technology and dating apps. The social constructs revealed bring new tropes to the table, a “fuckboi” and the kind of hopeless romantic that has been conditioned to believe that love is everywhere and to be too trusting. I took a direction with the film that pays homage to the romantic comedies of the 1980s and possibly 1990s, where our protagonist, our heroine, is always triumphant in finding love. We’re left hopeful by the end of The Letter J, but there’s still a question if our final guy is THE guy. Our heroine is clumsy and aloof, so she is blind to what is wrong in front of her. There is a pattern as a result that follows her. It’s up to her to break that pattern.



(WINNER Honorable Mention)


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