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RCM Presents: 'Staten Island Filmmakers Showcase'

Fun, interesting and artsy— that’s the criteria Richmond City Media aimed to fill with the 14 films they chose to feature in their upcoming showcase.

RCM welcomes Staten Island film enthusiasts to Edgewater Hall (691 Bay Street) on Sunday, Feb. 26 to their “Staten

Island Filmmakers Showcase,” beginning at 2 p.m.

“We’re really catering to people who want to have a fun night out while supporting local artists and filmmakers,” said RCM event coordinator Mitchell Lovell. “It’s also an opportunity to foster relationships outside the Island.”

The showcase, spearheaded by the RCM team led by Melissa Pellicano, is not only showcasing films made by local talent.The goal is for those outside the Island to see the cinematic beauty that Staten Island can be.

Other than Staten Island producers, movie making talent from other boroughs will also be featured throughout the night.

Separated into three “themes,” the evening will begin with poetic narratives on pressing issues, lead into a line of comedic films and end with dramas.

Here’s the rundown: At 3 p.m, Staten Islanders are exposed to the “challenges of national fears” in "Of Life and Art” and “A Summer Paused.” Shorts by Takuma Matsuda, Nicholas Jastrzebski, and Sangjin Ko will be shown.

The comic relief of the evening begins at 4:30 p.m with ”Without a Laugh Track" featuring a series of dark and witty comedy shorts, including “Bumper.” The works of Nicholas Balzomo, Mike Potenza, Larry Loc, UVMDD, and Brandon Nieto will also be broadcasted.

'Bumper' by Neil Mitchell

Our spotlight showing, "Island Blues" is paired with works steeped in Staten Island and New York flavor, including Viral Beauty and Two Boroughs, Not Yet by Chad Hamilton and G.H.O.S.T. by Kevin Rogers.

Although all the films featured have their own style and story, they share a common factor: highlighting the best of our little borough.

“[RCM] thinks it’s really important to make sure that Staten Island was represented well,” said Lovell. “All the films were either made by Staten Island directors or filmed on Staten Island.”

Tickets go for $9, $12 at the door. For more information, check out RCM’s Facebook page or


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