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Purple Cloud's 'Major Key' Set Was Full of Passion & Surprises

On Saturday April 15th, the RCM crew was invited to assist on the set of Purple Cloud's upcoming project 'Major Key'.

'Major Key' is a short film written and directed by Michael Robert Anderson. The film is "a love-drama set during the height of World War II. In a small German village, U.S troops find themselves in hiding as a young love begins to blossom."

Photo by Chris Wallace

What made this film particularly special was the passion, spirit and energy behind the scenes. Anderson of Purple Cloud Entertainment, put much more than his blood, sweat and tears into the film; that was apparent when Artem Golub and I went to set on Saturday morning. The beautiful farm house in Milliville, New Jersey was covered with gear and props from the WWII era. Anderson was at the table preparing for the day before cast and crew were present.

Photo by Chris Wallace

The chemistry between cast and crew brought the scenes to life and the day, filled with laughter, was over before we knew it. It didn't feel like work, it was fun. Sabrina Matarazzo, the lead lady playing Ilse in "Major Key," was a joy. What stuck out to me was her interview on set that we conducted with Purple Cloud. She said, "I never would have thought that these people would become my second family."

The director of photography and co-director, Matthew Provenzano, was very inclusive – communicating Anderson's vision and making sure he put out all the stops while allowing others to contribute their creativity and ideas.

Camera was up at 10:30 AM; Cast and crew were eager to get started. Purple Cloud's set included a surprise visit from "Stranger Things" star, Gaten Matarazzo, Sabrina's brother.

Gaten hung out with the Purple Cloud gang and enjoyed the same camaraderie with the cast and crew like playing catch in the field, wearing some of the WWII gear and playing with some of the props.

Now that the film is wrapped, we can't wait to see the final product.

That's a wrap!

Check out RCM's blog for more updates on "Major Key" and future film projects!

Congratulations, Purple Cloud!


For more behind the scenes photos be sure to follow Michael Robert Anderson on facebook and instagram.




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