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WATCH Purple Cloud's Official Trailer for 'Major Key'

Watch below.

The film, written and directed by Michael Robert Anderson, is being described as "a love-drama set during the height of World War II. In a small German village, U.S troops find themselves in hiding as a young love begins to blossom."

Purple Cloud has released the official trailer for the short war film and it lives up to the hype. The imagery is captivating and the use of piano is mesmerizing. Sabrina Matarazzo (Ise) makes her way to the piano, setting the tone for the rest of the clip and film overall. It's sweet and innocent, but we know there is much more to discover in the final piece.

'Major Key' premieres December 5th at Atrium Cinemas at 7pm in Staten Island. Be sure to follow Richmond City Media and Purple Cloud for more updates.

'Major Key' Film - Facebook






Atrium Cinemas

680 Arthur Kill Rd.

Staten Island, NY 10308

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