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Purple Cloud Releases New Trailer

Back in April, we visited the set of 'Major Key', a short film written and directed by Michael Robert Anderson.

Anderson is a creator based with Purple Cloud Entertainment, working alongside Matthew Provenzano on original films and sketches like 'Martini Shot', 'Major Key', and 'Pipsqueak and Stretch'.

The team had a few surprises in store this year, including a trailer for an upcoming series, 'Pipsqueak & Stretch' and a teaser for 'Major Key'.

BUT a trailer was released today and reveals an interesting crossover that their audience wasn't expecting. (See video below)

Pipsqueak and Stretch are two mobster characters that in the trailer find themselves in Germany during WWII. The two fall right into the story of 'Major Key', appearing during what looks like a critical point in the film, creating havoc, making noise, and upstaging the soldiers. The two try on a helmet and compare guns, but the soldiers eventually take them down and finally silence them. The trailer is engaging, definitely got some laughs and resulted in shares to Facebook.

You can find more 'Pipsqueak & Stretch' content on the Purple Cloud website, Facebook, and YouTube!


Check out more from Purple cloud at PurpleCloud's website or like and follow their page below!

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