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The Staten Island Film Community Has A Lot To Be Proud Of

There is an art community growing and growing on Staten Island and among them

are filmmakers creating romance films, horror, and dramatic narratives that are making the island proud.

A big congratulations to those in our team that worked on The Letter J which was accepted into the Newark International Film Festival along with the awaiting news from the August Mindie edition of the Miami International Film Festival.

From Fuzz on the Lens to Purple Cloud Entertainment, I've seen a lot of film nominations and festival selections. So here's a big shoutout to the filmmakers and their selections, nominations and wins so far.

Fuzz on the Lens has received 8 noms for their latest feature Abnormal Attraction including Best Ensemble.

Purple Cloud's Major Key was also selected into numerous festival with wins in directing and acting categories.

Congrats to the filmmakers!

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