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Jessica Davies, Michael Robert Anderson and Sabrina Matarazzo give us major news about the upcoming Purple Cloud release.

It's simple...

For a chance to win a poster in week one, make sure you like, share and comment with the hashtag #MajorKeyFilm.

For week two, you'll have a chance to win an autographed poster and a Purple Cloud sticker! Just share the trailer and tag (3) friends with the hashtag #MajorKeyFilm.

For the week three, the prize is an autographed helmet signed by the entire cast. In order to win you should recreate a photo from any of the film's social media posts and, you guessed it, use the hashtag.

For the final prize in week four, you could get the chance to Skype or web chat with the director, Michael Robert Anderson and actress, Sabrina Matarazzo. You also get a group photo with the cast and crew at the premiere.

In order to participate, you'll have to be following all the necessary pages on social media of course and don't worry, your entries can be on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.






The premiere will be held at Atrium Cinemas in Staten island, New York on December 5th at 7PM.

Atrium Cinemas

680 Arthur Kill Rd.

Staten Island, NY 10308

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