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A Local Entrepreneur Of Art: Why Megan Padovano Is 'Not Your Average’ Painter

Artists of all sorts tend to have many hidden, profound messages behind their work.

Local artist Megan Padovano’s message is loud and clear— dare to be unique. When you design mugs that say “Yas Queen”, “Treat Yo’ Self” and “Killing It”, it’s hard to be discrete. She’s #sorrynotsorry.

RCM's Victoria Caroccia caught up with Padovano at this year’s Snug Harbor Fence Show to talk about how she got her start and what keeps her creative juices flowing.

Padovano graduated art school with a degree in fine arts and chose to use her education towards her growing Etsy business, Megan Padovano Designs.

Padovano told RCM that the inspiration to share her work with the world came from rave reviews of a mug she designed for her friend as a gift.

Her father, Robert Padovano, has been with her every step of the way. The Padovano’s were literally side by side at the Fence Show, setting their art work up on the same wall.

“I think growing up seeing his paintings being so colorful definitely imprinted on my brain,” said Padovano. “He’s does a lot more landscapes, city-scapes and I do this kinda stuff, but like you can see similarities with the color.”

Padovano’s Etsy shop advertises her work as “not your average mugs.” Well, she’s right about that. The artist has built her brand on pop culture references, music lyrics and all together relatable designs.

“They’re a little sassy,” Padovano told RCM in an interview. “Some of them are a little, you know, R rated but I like to be colorful and I like to make a statement with them.”

For more information on Megan Padovano Designs, visit her Etsy page.

Check back with RCM to see the next Staten Island artist we’ll be highlighting!

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